Gov. Kevin Stitt 'Torn' on OU to the SEC, Concerned about OSU but Happy for OU

Ok, noted. But the fact that that you think an SI cover had anything to do, at all, or was an impact in any way with Bob Stoops then you’re completely misguided. That’s laughable

Again, you referenced Oregon getting every 5star……that’s not true. Getting 5 of 82 in 3 years isn’t close to what you said. Oregon is a national brand. But it’s not recruiting on the same level as Bama, Ohio St & Clemson. If you’re trying to make a point about their recruiting, you should’ve mentioned Kayvon Thibodeaux. He’s a Cali kid that could’ve gone anywhere in the country, but chose Oregon.

Now to correct you. I referenced everybody WANTING to be like Bama. You’re responding as if I said everyone COULD be like Bama.

Final reply to your comments. My comment about the Dez SI cover was an opinion. I do think it had something to do with Stoops slowly losing support. You insinuated it was the cause… enough said.

As for Oregon, whatever pub you’re reading can be interpreted to your liking. Nonetheless, they are taking 5 stars from those who might have gone to OSU.

Finally, read your own posting. “Isn’t everybody trying to be like Bama!!!” “Trying” is the active word. You can’t now change your own quote to “wanting.” They have different meanings. Wanting is not a synonym for trying.

Tomato slice is a weird nutter. He likes to interpret with a spin. Just some loser ou fan.

Explain to me how, in your opinion, that an SI Cover had to do in any way with Bob Stoops trajectory at OU?

I like how u go around picking on guys who have opinions. Then change what they say so u have an argument. Just go back to an ou site.

I wish you two would take your vaudeville act somewhere else.

It’s funny how when I say something u have to.copy it.
I told u and Joey to take ur song and dance routine some where else. Have u ever had an original thought.

If asking for an explanation of an opinion is what you define as picking on someone, then you wouldn’t have made it inthe public school world big fella

U dnt just ask for someone opinion. I’m surprised that was ur only lie in ur statement.
I had nothing to worry about in school, people like me.
There is a difference between a wannabe bully like u and a real bully.

Mite want to edit this post. It’s like I typed it.

He was trailerhomeschooled. Not even public school puts out people as dumb as Roberto.

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I’m glad with all the things going on in stillwater, I’m the only thing u want to post on.
It’s funny how tomato slice is being help by r most notorious jr high bully.

You’re misinformed & incorrect!

Uhhh no I’m not but hey believe what you want, it’s a free country