Grades: Bryan Nardo Earned a Free Meal, Unexpected Playcalling and The Color Black

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Grading OSU’s defense, playcalling, red zone offense and the color black

Nardo and the D gets an A+

Dunn gets an B+ for 1st half. No way is a single TD in a half an A of any kind.
Dunn gets a D+ for 2nd half. Failure to score and create clock eating drives is nothing short of failure.

Bowman lands a nice C+ with a bunch more “smart” football overthrowing receivers off his back foot. Those windmill roll outs look like a perch flopping on the muddy bank.

Offense scored ONE TD the entire game.

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I agree 5 field goals and just 1 offensive touchdown isn’t going to get it done not by a long shot. They need to fix that and do it yesterday.

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Offense: C
Defense: A
Special Teams: B