Grades: Not a Good Report from OSU's Streak-Ending Loss to UCF, but There's Still a Tomorrow

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On the future, Ollie’s Heisman chances and Bowman

I just hope this isn’t the start of a meltdown like we saw last year, where they went from beating Texas to going completely off the rails to KSU, KU, etc…

Fs all around for this performance.


They started losing after the Texas game because of key injuries. Looks like we are a different offense when Jason Brooks can’t play. Cole Birmingham just isn’t good enough.

And it’s because of games like THIS ONE as to why I NEVER put my full trust and confidence into Gundy. He’s the first Big 12 coach to not score a SINGLE TOUCHDOWN against UCF this season. Does that sound like a HC that’s going to win a Big 12 title to you guys?

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The way you put EVERYTHING bad happens on the coaching staff, HCMG specifically, is beyond me. You do know that there are others involved, includes squinky, who contributes to if we play well or not. As for the B12 CC I didn’t think we had much chance of winning that before we played UCF so again probably a bit of delusion on your part having those types of thoughts. Cheer’s

It’s the HC that’s supposed to ensure us players and coaches are ready. Did you happen to see that Saturday afternoon? Yep…neither did I!!! They all got their $h1+ pushed in.

So after the Bedlam win, and five wins in a row, you’re going to sit here and honestly tell me you didn’t think this team had a chance against Texas? You need to stop lying sir.

If anyone ever thought we’ve had much chance of winning a Big 12CC they’d be a bit delusional, just look at HCMG record.

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The PFB jock sniffing on Rusty Crawdaddy has progressed to full ball massages. If our QB can’t actually help to win games, then he needs to watch from the sidelines. Backfoot’s passes looked like pooch punts into triple coverage. He hung out the receivers or threw completely uncatchable balls the entire game. The fact that he only had 3 picks is a miracle.

But hey, we can slice-n-dice his shitastic performance but leave the viewing audience with “Game Manager” delivering ZERO TD’s and personally “smartly throwing away” every scoring opportunity.

Which OSU great’s jersey did he try to create association with in the post game interview - Weeden, Rudolph, Gundy?

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Yep THREE tipped pass turnovers and a Monsoon proved we weren’t prepared. Come on man.

Never said there wasn’t a chance. Said the chances were very low. Especially now that Texas has their starting QB back. Also calling people lairs is pretty disrespectful even though you added the sir at the end lol. Just in case you didn’t know that.

LOL I wussed out and spared myself from watching more than half of the game soooo I’ll just have to trust that everything that you say here is 100% TRUTH!! lol

It takes a little more effort (or should I say lack thereof) to lose by 42 to a team with a losing record than three turnovers and a monsoon. You keep blaming everything but the players and coaching staff though.

Not saying that there weren’t other areas where we didn’t show up and contributed to the loss BUT if you give up 4 turnovers, it was 4 right?, to any D1 team you are in serious trouble and it’s very much likely you are not going to win. You’re not going to convince anyone with half a brain that that isn’t the case.

Looks to me like the coaching staff took the week off. In good ole Gundy fashion. Let’s let a first season D2 DC run the show and hope he doesn’t get his sh1+ pushed in by a HC that’s played for a national title and won SEC titles. Surely nothing could go wrong, right?

I can agree turning the ball over that much is insane, but it was evident our game plan resembled the South Alabama game. I figured we would’ve shelved that offense, but I guess not.

Here is the problem. You consistently put 99.9% of the blame of a game loss on the coaches, Gundy Nardo the DC newbie or whoever, the fact is that there are too many other variables at play for that to ever to be true. Anyone who can’t see that fact is either ignoring it on purpose or their brains are wired such that they can’t understand the concept. The fact that people like that and opinions like yours exist don’t change what is really going on. Hence the constant and large push back to your narrative.

Even though I just admitted that turnovers (aka player execution) was a part of that loss. So yes…please continue explaining to me how I blame the coaches almost 100% of the time.

UCF: 4 plays, 57 yards, 1:11, 14-0

UCF: 3 plays, 82 yards, 1:14, 24-0

UCF: 1 play, 93 yards, 0:13, 31-0

232 yards, 8 plays, 2:38, and 21 points given up by Nardo and his D. Maybe not all of Nardo’s fault, but it sure looks to me like nearly 47% of the variables remains squarely on Nardo and his defense. I don’t know how you can say there are too many variables when literally half of the issue was Nardo getting his sh1+ pushed in by Gus, and his players inability to cover anything as we’ve become accustomed to for most of the season.

Bill Bill Bill. Those aren’t variables man

Is the defense and the DC not part of the game? Or are we going to pretend that didn’t happen as well? This is why we can’t ever win championships. We don’t want to acknowledge problems when they exist.

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Well yea but there is more to the defense than the coaches