Grades: Oklahoma State Did Just Enough to Get to Big 12 Championship, it Showed against a Worthy Texas

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On Texas, the Big 12 and OSU’s defense.

The entire season I kept asking myself if oSu was any good, or if we looked good just because the Big 12 is weak this season. After thinking about the UCF and Texas games, I am inclined to favor the latter suspicion. Porous secondary, mediocre QB, new style defense that is questionable, lackluster play calling, most of the receivers not able to play due to injuries.
Good teams have really skilled QBs and good play calling. We have neither.
So I conclude that a not so good team achieved a great accomplishment by playing in the conference championship game.
Hopefully, the embarrassing performances of this season will inspire much better recruiting and more emphasis on playing musical chairs via the portal. Get us a stellar QB and an experienced offensive coordinator who has had success at a high level program.
My gut tells me that Ollie wants to shine on the big stage and that requires playing for a great team with talented O-line. Thus., he leaves us for greener pastures. Not for money, but for the spotlight.

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A less talented team wins by
a) shortening the game by keeping the clock running
b) winning the turnover battle.
OSU gave up way too early on the run, and the 3-and-outs gave Texas the ball 3 times in 1st quarter. Even down 21-7, we had 3 quarters to control the ball and run the game. If we were to pass, we needed to throw it long, in which case Rangel should have been in.

We gave up on Ollie, which is why we will see him in the portal.

Can we give Kendal Daniels an F-? He was pathetic and has been most games this season.