Grading Oklahoma State's 2020 Recruiting Class on Offense

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Assessing OSU’s incoming class on offense.

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The lack of a running back when we’re most likely about to lose Chuba drags the whole thing down to a C- in my opinion.

Losing Jacobs, and Ngata looking like an ASU lock leaves me feeling pretty pessimistic. What other exciting players are there at RB with any interest in OSU? La’Damien Webb is fine, but doesn’t appear to be someone who could be “the guy” like Jacobs or Ngata

Not to say I disagree with the rest. VERY excited about the future along the OL. Always excited about the receivers, this class looks very solid. Quentin Stewart looks like a good pickup, and obviously Ellingworth is an absolute home run, but that running back issue is a huge black eye

With you grading this class sooo high, someone other than a OSU fan would think OSU beat everyone in the big 12 in recruiting. The illusion OSU fans need to stop living is that OSU is headed in the right direction. Recruiting a bunch of 3 stars and has been a Gundy thing for a while, but has it beat out OU? No! Have we one a championship in the big 12 (forget even talking about national playoffs)? NO! With me giving our OC a D+ score for last years horrible play calling and clueless goal line decisions, OSU will always and forever remain a mediocre team until Mike Holder stops playing golf and stops being in love with Gundy. See you in 2021

I sure was hoping that Dickey was able to sign one of his 3 top targets in Kansas. oSu got beat out on two recruits to NU Corcoran (#38 nationally) and Conn (#731). Lost Hayden Paul (#776) to ISU. The oSu signature Monroe Mills (#1492) and an offer list of Arkansas State, Buffalo, CMU, and Columbia. Not that Mills won’t be a productive player I just think he will need time to develop while more highly rated guys could make the two deep earlier in their careers. The downside of the development approach is limited productivity in the 4-5 years of eligibility.