Grading OSU's Stunning Week 12 Demolition of Texas Tech

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All As after an all-around aces performance in Lubbock.

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It was a great game. How can u not grade it differently.
A few things I wouldn’t say were best.
Special teams.wice
With presley out did it cost us a couple of touch backs. Getting a flag on a punt return that was just a catch play.
Redzone td a dropped pass. We lead the league in dropped passes. Sanders miss a td pass.
Dunn calling for bombs twice on 2nd and short. Cost us time. We’re up big, sure big pass would have been great. But in the end cost us at least 4 minutes.
Flags. I always say a pass interference is better then a td. B u t 3 of them. Offense got 2 in a row, some how we came back.
They flags end up not costing us. We still won time of possession. Touchbacks didn’t lead to anything.
Great game u limit the errors like this it’s OK. It would look better to have won 31 to nothing.

I wouldn’t give the offense an A. Had to settle for FGs too many times. Can’t do that if we expect to beat OU and win a Big 12 championship


Lubbock is a weird place to play especially a night game, but Texas Tech is also not very good. I can support the ‘grades’, but would rather we didn’t buy into any kind of hype pre-Bedlam.

I am making my case amongst Sooner fan friends that Bedlam is winner take all!! Both games, should we play OU twice in the big 12 championship, as the big 12 has to have an only one loss champ to get any shot at the playoff, even if little shot once in it. It is a favorable alliance for OU, as if we win Bedlam, there is a strong chance we play Baylor for it all. But no takers from the Sooner brethren, they prefer redemption if possible. Fricking gooners… lol

““And the shutout was OSU’s first against a power conference opponent in league play since 1995.”” (Just a note on article composition. We cannot play a NON-power conference opponent IN league play. Check for redundancy, please.)


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Well you know the double or nothing bet benefits the loser. Of course the Gooners want a chance.