Gundy Appreciation Thread

Figured this is a natural contrast to some of the other threads we find here. If there’s something you like or appreciate about Mike Gundy, this is the place for it. I’ll start.

I appreciate Mike Gundy’s for his ability to run a clean program at a high level.

I appreciate that Gundy has built a resume with solid OOC wins such as Washington State, Georgia, Houston, Mississippi State, Boise State, Arizona, and Pittsburgh.

Let’s hear what you’re grateful to Coach Gundy for.


Well he’s pretty obviously our best head coach ever and not even really that close. He’s taken us to new heights. Plus he’s handles the coronavirus very well. No one tested positive this week.


There have been no major scandals under his watch. His program management skills are really impressive.


I’m glad it didn’t turn into a scandal when his star running back insinuated he was a racist.

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Only a faux scandal and that’s certainly what it appeared at first. Glad we got more information!

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He’s doing a great job with the pandemic so far. Props for sure on that.


He runs a first-class organization. Appears to take very good care of his players and coaches. He’s done more to elevate the program in 16 seasons than all previous seasons combined in school history. Not afraid to make the tough calls on discipline (Tyreek) where others (ou) don’t. I appreciate Gundy for everything he has done to make Oklahoma State football relevant, not just within the conference but among national media. Before Gundy, no one said a word about the Pokes. Not a ton of TV exposure/marketing. With Gundy, that has changed drastically. More 10 win seasons with Gundy than anyone before him. More bowl games. Better facilities. (Thanks Mr. Pickens!) So much has changed mainly for the better.


I appreciate that when OSU Football makes the news it’s about some rant the coach had on a reporter or about the coach’s hair or about some stupid t- shirt the coach wore fishing. I appreciate that averaging 4th makes us relevant in the conference. Most of all I appreciate that it isn’t about championships or beating really good teams but just the number of total wins.

You wana talk about the time Gundy stoke your girl again?


You’re dead right! Gotta start somewhere.

I appreciate the place he has elevated the program to in his time here. We are being given the benefit of the doubt in the Coaches/AP rankings (rankings are only relevant when considering national opinion of the programs). So far we have played Kansas, a good but underappreciated WV and a good but underappreciated Tulsa, but we are perceived to be a top 10 team.

That’s because of Gundy and the standard he’s set for OSU over the past 16 years.

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I appreciate the time he took to talk to me after I chased him down in the snow outside the Atherton in the snow . Even after I said “Mr. Gundy” :man_facepalming:t3: