Gundy Believes Realignment Could Create a New 'Power Four' Structure

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Here’s another idea Gundy could speak into existence.

He did say it could happen just like everybody else has. So I dnt if their are just 4 power conference it was because of gundy or his Arkansas waterfall. It would be what it is.
There are only two ways the big 12 stays a power 5.
We get the top 12 teams out there. This is both football and eyeballs. But by the share numbers we would be a force.
The other way and no one has even gone down this road. Notre dame. Yes I said it. Bring in the pope and bless r league. Byu and boise. The 3 military schools.

So with this league we will have religion cover. Eye balls
All the vets and active service men. Eye balls.
We could add to 16 to help out in basketball ball Houston and Memphis.
With con nd in we would have the same number of elite teams as acc and more then pac12.

I like my chances of winning the powerball over ND joining the Big 12.

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I didnt say it would happen.

Kick out the Baylor Baptists and bring in the Catholics. I like it!

Things don’t look great for us Pokes so of course he’s saying that. Far likelier we’re left out of a power conference and join the AAC. We have great athletics but don’t fit with any other conference. There is no incentive for a power conference to take us. We don’t offer a jump in revenue to anyone. Also, with the playoff field expanding, I don’t see an advantage of adding members to the ACC, Big Ten, or Pac12. UO basically hosed us with their decision and it will likely result in the pokes playing in a group of 5 conference.