Gundy made the correct call 4th and one at the end

Gundy made his wager after the Cowboys made another stop 2:34 later, opting to hand it to Warren on 4th and 1 rather than kicking the field goal up three with 2:14 left.

"You got to get (a yard), and then basically the game’s over,” Gundy said. “Worst case scenario, you don’t get it and they tie you with the field goal. If they score a touchdown you’re in the same situation you were if you kicked a field goal and they scored a touchdown. And they go 99 yards, and they already burned all the timeouts.”

With a hole paved by the Cowboys offensive line, Warren proved a safe bet.


Yep. Great call.


Can we just talk about how ridiculous that entire series of events was. Starts with the awful spot on Sanders run, then we have a bunch of timeouts, then we snap the ball while Baylor’s got too many guys on the field and instead of the flag the refs give Baylor another timeout, then I’m pretty sure we take another time out, then Jalen Warren walks into the end zone.


It’s pretty clear he made the right call. Are people questioning this?

Gundy did it so I would think so.

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It is nice that we have the kind of running game we can trust in an important short yardage situation. That hasn’t been the case every year.