Gundy Says Dru Brown Has 'Handled Himself Better Than What I Thought'

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No. 6 faces a win-win spot on Saturday.

Well, I hope he gets better. OU is very good this year but mostly on offense. Can Gundy and Co. put together a game plan to score a lot? Handing off to Chuba if we are down a couple of TD’s won’t work.

Since Brown is a known arm perhaps being in Stillwater will be an advantage. He knows the field. If Gundy can do a couple of Chuba misdirects, he should be able to set up some passing behind the linebackers.

I also think they realized how well the screen pass to Chuba works. That guy in the open field is a beast to tackle. This will depend so much on coaching. We all know Gundy gave Brown a limited playbook last week. Will they be able to expand it against a better defense?

And what plans do they have for Hurts and Lamb? Blitzing is tough because Hurts won’t go down and can break out. Our 3 man rush doesn’t get much push, and our secondary is known to leave open receivers. They have to cover Lamb like a glove and protect against the QB run.

Our generic game plan will probably not work. We need something exotic. Take a chance.

So neither SS or DB was ready to play last year, but this year both get player of the week awards in their first starts. This doesn’t mean TC shouldn’t have taken the majority of the snaps last year. It does mean IMO that these two could have been utilized last year in some fashion or given an opportunity to spark the team when the offense was struggling.

Ironically MR lost his starting job this week to a undrafted rookie QB who was given a chance to provide a spark to the Steelers.