Gundy Sticking with Sanders despite Turnover Struggles

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Gundy says to let him rip.

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Let er Rip!!

I like a coach that wants his offense to be solid and take care of the ball.

I like a coach that doesn’t put his defense in crazy situations.

I like a coach that wants to win conference titles.

I like a coach that aspires to beat his rival.

I like a coach that can consistently give his fan base top 15 results if he is receiving top 15 pay.

So what Gundy is saying “We are going to stay on our same turnover path. Hopefully we can get 3rd-5th place in the conference this season. This is as good as it gets folks. I’ll be back at the end of the season so we can negotiate how much more my salary will need to be”

Why. There were countless mistakes Sanders made he was just lucky to not have them picked. I don’t understand the stance to stay with him. Illingsworth must do nothing but smoke crack and throw picks the other 6 days of the week because that’s the only excuse I can see for not starting him against K-state. We still control our own destiny for the Big 12 we should be trying to win right now.

Excuses for this year:
*Offensive line
*Quarterback young and doesn’t have 15 games it takes for the game to slow down.
*Key injuries on defense.

Excuses for next year:
*Lost a lot on defense.
*Lost our go to guy at running back and wide receiver
*Some of these 4☆ guys just need time to mature and take football seriously.