Gundy Tentatively Planning for May 1 Start, Willing to Play Games with No Fans

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Gundy hoping for a May 1 start.

I vote that from now on, Marshall writes any and all posts relating to COVID-19 for PFB. People have their opinions on the situation, and this stuck to the facts and didn’t wander off. KP and KB can’t help but slide their opinionated political views into the discussion.

As for Gundy’s comments, I don’t see what he’s wrong about. It may be wreckless to throw them all together, but he said he’d do it if the call was made by higher officials. That is, literally exactly, what everyone else in the entire country is going to do with their businesses/programs. If all personnel involved are tested and are free of the virus before returning, and they stick to the team gatherings only, I don’t see the issue. I do however completely agree with the argument of “there’s no way to know if the players will adhere to that, and they might bring it in to others.” If that’s the reason to keeping things off, then I agree with that. That’s just my opinion. Gundy is right. At a certain point, Things are going to HAVE to open back up. We can’t just keep everything shut down until this goes away completely because, frankly, it will never completely go away. If we decided to stay locked down until this vanished, we will have a lot more problems than just a sickness on our hands eventually, which a lot of people don’t understand yet. I’m not sure when the “right” date would be to get guys back out there, but I see no issue with Gundy saying “as long as the okay is given, I want them back.”

As for him referring to it as the “China virus”… it came from China. Not sure why everyone is up in arms about that. No one has a problem will the Spanish flu being called the Spanish flu, correct?


But the spanish flu didn’t start in Spain. It probably, almost certainly, started in Kansas. So in the immortal works on Mike Gundy, get your facts straight.


The guy makes sense so all you can do is attack him on a Spanish flu reference because all of his other points are spot on. Get a grip people. OSUgrad is exactly right, what’s wrong with what Gundy said? He wants to start May 1st guess what the current format for EVERYTHING is to stay quarantined through April 30th guess what that means May 1st businesses open back up so how is Gundy out of line for saying this? Besides he’s right about people needing to go back to work, we can’t keep printing money and throwing it at the economy with stimulus checks and staying locked down, that causes inflation and that causes an economic collapse and as OSUgrad said in that instance people have much more to worry about. It is morbid and sad but people need to face the facts, this virus has around a 2% death rate in America and of that 2%, 85% were either over 65, had underlying health conditions or both so those people are at a far higher risk of any sickness killing them. But the good news is that means 98% of all people in America will not die from this virus, but if we don’t go back to work and the economy collapses then 100% of Americans will be effected by that. Be smart don’t throw caution to the wind and start licking door knobs but sooner or later life has to go back to some sort of normalcy.

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Oh and by the way the the Spanish flu didn’t “almost certainly start in Kansas” the first reported case was in Kansas but scientists have no idea where the “Spanish flu” actually started at. Britain, France, and China are all very likely birth places as well. A simple googling of this and clicking on the history channel website would’ve told you this.

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I know it didn’t originate there. I never said it did. What’s the difference where it originated?

“COVID-19 didn’t originate in China, so we can’t call it that.” (It did originate in China).

“The Spanish Flu didn’t originate in Spain, therefore it is okay to call it the Spanish flu.”

The Spanish flu didn’t originate in Europe. They used the term because that’s where the first/ majority of the reporting occurred. I don’t get the cross-referencing. Maybe saying China virus is out of touch. The term for the sickness is COVID-19. But it did originate in China. And then China lied about it. And then again. And then again. Everyone is perfectly fine and dandy with the United States taking all the blame for this worldwide sickness, but the second you associate China with the virus it’s all of the sudden a terrible offense.

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To it being called the Spanish flu? Or to people finding the term “Spanish flu” offensive?

I’m saying people who are offended by the “China virus” term will in the same breath use the term “Spanish flu.” That’s hypocritical. And Porter literally said Gundy is a college football coach, he shouldn’t speak about political issues, while literally doing so himself as a sports blog writer.

I’m not praising Gundy’s words, the way he went about it was totally wrong. I am, however, siding with his point. IF OFFICALS ABOVE HIM SAY ITS OKAY (he said this multiple times, left-winged writers like the kyles will, of course, edit this part out) then he will have his team back. Just like businesses will have their workers back. And social venues will have their customers back. If people want to lock down completely until the last dying case has vanished, then I’ll be waiting with a big “you asked for this” ready to go half a year from now when society is scrambling to stay afloat. If officials eventually deem it safe enough to get back to some form of normalcy, we have to take it. Nothing that he said was wrong. It’s how he said it that makes him look like an jackass.

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And trust me, I’m far from the biggest Gundy fan out there. You will almost assuredly see me on here this fall clowning him for running it on 3rd and long and punting again, which we all know will happen. I don’t even disagree with the notion that his words came off extremely poor. But I do agree with the point he’s trying to make.

Gotta agree with OSUgrad on this one. His point was accurate (Gundy & OSUgrad).

I don’t understand the fear mongering that is going on. Timelines say the end of April, it’s safe to say that May 1 is the return date. Gundy also states that if it gets pushed back, he’ll push his date back.