Gundy's Presser

1.) Do you think Holder and/or Hargis were holding us back?
2.) Do you think Gundy thinks Holder and/or Hargis were holding us back?

We’ve got all this stuff going on with the alums coming back, Barry’s statue going up. It’s clear Gundy had a sometimes contention relationship with Holder and held the program hostage a few times to get assistant coach money and recruitment money. Maybe it’s just coincidence that our team had this amazing year after Holder leaves, but I’m inclined to take Gundy at his word that there’s more top-down buyin now.

On his relationship with OSU AD Chad Weiberg and president Kayse Shrum

“Well, I don’t want to take coach (Mike) Holder and president (Burns) Hargis and throw them under the bus because we had our differences over my career, but we also did a lot of good things. We also want a lot of games. We built a lot here, and we’ve been very successful. But, this is a new way, there’s some youth, there’s excitement, there’s new ideas, and I think there’s a much more direct line of communication pretty much daily. I’ve had more sit down conversations with Dr. Shrum, or standing conversations in three months than I have with anybody in administration in 17 years. She was at my practice last night.

“So, we’re just in a new wave here and what our goal is, and I don’t want to speak out of turn for Dr. Shrum or Chad, but our goal is to take Oklahoma State football to another level in all areas, period."

The main thing is holder is gone. He did do good. We can move on, get more money back into the football program. I do wish Chad could find a donor. To pay 20 mill for the girls softball and we dnt chip in. That would make a great softball stadium they dnt need 60 million.
If I understand it the wrestling team is good with their new donor. We should be set.

Listening to Gundy’s presser when he was talking about his relationship with Dr Shrum and Chad Weiberg had me asking the same questions you propose here. Given how Gundy describes the participation levels of Dr Shrum and Chad Weiberg vs Holder and Hargis tells me that Gundy was largely ignored by the latter. We maybe looking at an era of orders of magnitude increase in investment in the football program going forward now that Dr Shrum and Chad Weiberg are in charge.

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With the win Saturday we will have added money.
With the new league we go 1 in 4 years. Be good money and recruits.

Holder definitely held us back, then publicly tried to make it gundys fault. Thank god we have a badass private golf course though

Softball or baseball doesn’t need 20 million. Sorry if you don’t make money you get a minor cut of funds.

We already gave 30 mill to baseball did u miss the 60 million stadium we build.
Like I said try and fund it with a donor.
It’s r last facility and a good program. 20 mill would be an amazing softball set up.

Yea we don’t need it sorry. Nobody cares about wrestling or women’s softball or college baseball.

No matter how u feel Joey I mean you, it will happen.
These sports are like gundy there he to stay.
If Chad got a donor to pay for it all why would u care.

Because there’s no reason to continually put millions into programs that don’t generate money. It’s common sense all money donated should be filtered through the football program first and trickled down appropriately, be smart Robert nobody cares about softball

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Good thing students can use it and it’s affordable for the Stillwater residents…


It has its advantages no doubt :rofl:

See that make no sense. Donors give to the general fund yes. But most donors give to a certain sport or college.
All the other sports had donors they need to find one for softball. That’s how the others were done.
I with u on more money going to football. But, u saying " NO ONE" cares is pushing it.

Well however you wanna spin it the majority does not care about those sports most don’t care about college basketball anymore. Football is the money train and if we wanna compete every dime we fundraise for needs to go there it’s just the fact

Of course football is the only sport that makes money, everyone knows that. To say that no one cares about basketball or wrestling shows how little you know.

When’s the last time we had a sold out basketball game?

For one college basketball is a joke nowadays and sorry wrestling has been a dead sport for some time now. If it’s not making money then it’s not doing anything to help us. That’s the world we’ve created

I said the majority on basketball. And yes I’m sorry but almost no one cares about wrestling. It just is what it is

For the life of me I have no idea what this world u speak of. No one is arguing that football is the king sport. But these other sports aren’t leaving and are not getting defunded. And the other sports do have donors. Ur not taking that money away either.
My whole point is money should be freed up now to pump into the football program. Ur whole point is to repeat something that will not happen.

Wrestling is only dead because no one wants to go see us beat a team like south Dakota state 30 to 0.
But 13000 came out here and in Iowa city to watch those matches.

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