Gunnar Gundy Commits to Ohio

Originally published at: Gunnar Gundy Commits to Ohio

Gunnar is headed to the MAC.

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Best of luck to him


It will be interesting to see how HCMG will attend his son’s game and get to his own game on time next year… Ohio is a bit far for the chopper.

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Now, Gunnar can have a “MAC Daddy” coffee mug! To match his dad’s “Big Daddy” one.


I hope ohio hasnt lost to much talent.

We will be pulling for you young man .


Good thing some alums have private jets. :innocent:

Happy for Gunnar, wish people would start spelling it correctly, lol. I think Ohio is a very good choice, Albin has that program humming. I’m sure Gunnar will have comp for QB1 job, but he’s improved by leaps and bounds from what I saw in high school.