Gunnar Gundy, Son of Mike Gundy, to Walk-on at QB for OSU in 2021

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Gundy plans to take the year off and join the team in 2021.

Wish him well but I think it’s the wrong route for him.

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This has the potential to be bad for both Gundys. Not to mention can you imagine recruiting a QB with Gunnar on the roster? Every recruit is gonna take a look at the roster and say no thanks.

That said, it would be really fun if it works for them.

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This is a great idea! Gunnar wants to play Power 5. Sit out a year to create space between he and illingworth. Give Gundy chance start his senior year. Maybe 2 years if injury. Let him develop slowly. Gunnar has real talent! I love it! Great idea. Go Cowboys!

I agree. We had part of this discussion and my thoughts are he should go play somewhere and get his 15 games of play to have the play slow down for him. Then come back as a walk on. No need to waste a scholarship when Pops can afford it. There may be some clause that he gets free schooling in the contract.

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There is no doubt the kid has talent. He shouldn’t be discriminated at just because he’s a Gundy.

Yes he should!

I think he should have went to Eastern Michigan,good staff,& chance to start early. Here he sits to his Jr or Senior season, unless Shane gets hurt

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BREAKING NEWS: NCAA looks into Oklahoma State based on rumors that HC Mike Gundy is paying tuition for QB on the team…more details soon to come.

oSu staff get free tuition for their kids. From what I understand that’s anyone who’s full-time which will include profs, clerical, admin, etc, besides football program or any other sport.

@ garth1 (and you better not be the Garth who slept in ad layout classes and sat in the back row with me and my friend Chris Thornton :joy: ) - That assumes he can beat out whoever comes after Illingsworth.