Handicapping The Path to a Big 12 Title for Oklahoma State

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A game-by-game look at how confident we are for OSU moving forward.

Its always fun to look ahead even in a normal season u don’t know the two roasters, even worse this year. One they is true about all the teams left they all have qb can run.
The same format. The team stay disciplined. Control there qb. Limit sanders turnovers. But first Texas, they are all over the place. Wallace will have 3 flags for him. Hubbard and ld run. Texas oline will have 3or 4motion flags with a couple of holds. I’m at 75%

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57% this week seems low. I know Texas is probably better than people think they are right now, but they aren’t as good as OSU. They aren’t even as good as Iowa state because their defense is disappointing at best. OSU has all of the firepower to slow Texas down, and Texas has none of it. I think this game is less favorable for Texas than most people are saying it is, and they’ll have to play dang near flawless to catch a win in Stillwater. If Texas can have big plays (OSU’s defense is number one in the entire country in big plays allowed so this seems unlikely) Texas would have a shot to win. If Texas can open up some running lanes for Ellinger to run, they can get close, and if Ellinger doesn’t have any success running the ball, they might get blown out.

Gundy should probably do what everyone else in the conference has done to beat Texas. Pass, Pass, and Pass some more!!!

The only thing stopping Gundy from going through conference undefeated is Gundy himself. He needs to get rid of the Pat Jones mentality.

:upside_down_face::crazy_face::hugs: I thought Gundy being the worst coach was all his own doing. But, it was a learned process. :exploding_head::worried::pleading_face::scream:

Ou almost passed theirselves into a lose. 3 picks. Sanders better be ready. Texas is going to come out blitzing. Isu not a real heavy blitz team. But, Texas will want to get in sanders face.

I hope they do blitz because they have absolutely nobody in their secondary that could even cover a junior high receiver.

If the OU defense can keep Texas to 17 points through three quarters why can’t OSU? If your such a big believer in the defense you shouldn’t worry too much about the passing game then. If Rattler can throw three picks and get away with it why can’t Sanders (which I don’t think he will)?

I would say that as of now the OSU defense looks better than what OU is throwing out on the field. I doubt Elhinger is going to be able to run it 15-20 times and get 8-10 yards a carry against this OSU defense like he did against OU.

I agree on r defense stuff. But if Sanders throws 3 picks there noway were winning. Texas has ehlinger, that’s it. That defense sucks ever where. So play to r weakness. Holes in oline. Pressure a QB known for turnovers. And joe, one thing I didn’t say 40% Texas blitzing would be effective. That’s still up to Sanders.

I checked saban is to busy. But, good news malzahn and herman aren’t going to be. Of coarse miles at least in 2 yrs. Yrs not up riley could be too.

Leaning towards 1-2 in the next 3 games. If Gundy can go 2-1 he could have a better than average year.