Has Spencer Sanders Already Played His Last Game at OSU?

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QB1 was a no-go Saturday. Speculation is spreading about what it does or doesn’t mean.

SS in crimson and cream next season

Whether it’s turning pro or entering the portal, SS is done at OSU IMO. I don’t blame him.


He’s always dinged up and has a turnover problem not that our line, wr drops helped him out there . You think the nfl is gonna take a look at him ? I have no idea what the qb draft class looks like this year

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He is currently not on any draft boards. That may change one he announces intentions. My guess is if he goes pro it will be as an undrafted rookie. Don’t see him getting drafted.

He’s gone. I think with a year of eligibility remaining he could go to a place that would be a great fit for him TO GET DRAFTED. Jelani Woods had to do this. Sanders has the most turnovers of any active FBS player since 2019. So that needs to get cleaned up, and to be quite honest he’s been injured at one point or another every season. I think I would rather have Clemson’s QB.

His lack of awareness and throwing the ball to the other team consistently in the Big 12 title game helped contribute to us watching a typical poke choke that we’ve all become accustomed to. I can’t blame too much on him though. That wouldn’t be fair. Dunn and Dickey have DEFINITELY contributed their fair share in chitty play calling, not protecting him or giving him a a consistent running game to rely on so he doesn’t take the risk of throwing interceptions all the time.


He’s gone, I think a lot of him not playing the last few weeks is because he doesn’t want to. That’s what it sounds like to me when you read between the lines. He had been playing banged up and then after the K-state game he moved on and started thinking about whatever he’s going to do next year. I mean every weeks he’s healthy enough if we have to have him and he’s healthy enough for Bedlam but never plays, sounds like he didn’t want to.

I don’t think the QB’s in the draft are of import. I don’t see NFL talent in him.

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Where ever he goes I’m sure he’ll have good success. I bet he goes after the 4th rd in the draft. A lot of analyst have good things to say about him. Very good kid, strong arm, coachable, ceiling hasn’t been maxed yet, and athletic is what some of those analyst have said. I bet if he transfers it will be somewhere close to Texas.

I agree, if he would go there I think he would be a great K-state qb.

I honestly think that Sanders would be a fool to position himself for the NFL draft when he lost much of this past year to injury and there’s little to no chance that he’d get drafted in anything below the 4th round (I see him as a 5th-rounder if he gets drafted at all). When he played, he played well, but when he didn’t play well, it was glaring. A 5th year of eligibility doesn’t present itself often, and while I could see the benefits of becoming the starting QB for a program that has everything but a starting QB, he’s invested in this program and I’m sure that he is invested in his degree and all of the time he’s spent in Stillwater. While he has every reason to be frustrated, he has to remember that as fans and some of us alumni, we have a lot invested in him. We’ve bled orange and black while we watched him make those rookie mistakes and we got to enjoy watching him be elite for about 6 games this year and about 5-6 games at the end of last season. I’d love to see Sanders back for a 5th year in Stillwater. He’d have a better O-line in front of him, a defense that is a year older and stronger and hopefully with its holes plugged with incoming talent or from the portal and juco, OSU can make a legit shot at being the powerful team it showed it could be for 5 minutes this year.
Now that all having been said, if Sanders doesn’t play in the bowl game and he’s healthy AND he plans on leaving, he’d be a fool to not use that venue to showcase his skills, especially in the lower-tier bowl game that OSU is no-doubt headed for (my guess is Texas bowl vs. Kentucky). I say that if he plays and he lights it up, he’s out of here. If he stays on the bench, I think he may be back in Stillwater next year because he’d only have the Senior Bowl and the NFL combine to showcase his skills to the NFL who are probably not going to be interested in what he’s offering. No OSU QB has ever had a legitimate starting career in the NFL for more than 35 years, what has Sanders done that makes him any different than Mason Rudolph who has been relegated to back-up in Pittsburgh?


Strictly talking NFL draft stock………Is his draft stock more likely to rise or drop if he came back next yr? The odds are that he plays just as he has, which is inconsistent. He could get hurt. There is no reason at all to play in whatever bowl the Cowboys play in. Sanders has 3 options (NFL/Transfer/Come back to Stilly) and coming back to Stillwater is the least likely and beneficial.

You’re assuming, based on your post, that the Cowboys will be better across the board. That’s pretty optimistic and I’m not sure what you’re basing that off of?

Guys make the biggest impact at the combine and then practicing all week at the Senior Bowl while NFL staffs are there. Again, these guys that are leaving have absolutely nothing to prove in a non-playoff game. I think you could argue that they “owe” it to their teammates to suit up & play, but that’s even a stretch nowadays. Go look at how many guys are hitting the portal this week. It’ll be ridiculous. Sanders has given a lot to OSU & vice versa……he has nothing to gain by playing.

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He’s not an NFL QB. He’d be an UDFA or 7th rounder at best. My bet is he tries to find a school like Florida or something along those lines who would rather roll with him than a freshman but if that doesn’t pan out I think he goes back to Texas and goes to some place like Tech, maybe Houston.

He’s better than Houston or Tech. He’s a draftable guy, albeit in the later rounds. Making a paycheck to play football and be in that world is a pretty special thing either way. I think he’s clearly done playing at Oklahoma St. He obviously COULDVE played Sat & didn’t. He chose to go thru the Sr Day activities. He’s done in Stillwater

I don’t see his draft stock being all that high. In fact he is finishing his career at a very low point. Granted I’ve got a zero clue about what the NFL looks for but if it was my fool team I wouldn’t want him. He gets injured too much and can string together some really bad performances. His final year would be a chance to clean all of that up. He will probably have to do it with a poor OL again is he stays at OSU so that could be a factor in hitting the portal.


If he ain’t we’ll be lucky to win 4 or 5 games next season. Personally I don’t think he’ll get drafted, there are a lot of QBs coming out this year. He might need to go the XFL or CFL route.

Naw, that ain’t gonna happen, LMAO!

You forgot predictable play calling and lack of new plays. We just continue to use the same ole plays and Gumby and Co doesn’t think defensive coaches watch film or something.

@ ty14 He played at zerOU, you forgot? Albeit his shoulder was obviously dinged up pretty bad. Kid made a sacrifice, for that we should be grateful. The coaches too even though they pretty much laid a big, fat smelly egg.

Here’s a thought: Sanders COULD come back for another year…at another position.

How would he look at WR or S?

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Spencer Sanders is not getting drafted. He’s not transferring to a better program. Top notch coaches don’t tolerate his level of inconsistency. Despite what many on here claim, he has not been sacked much–only 16 times in 8.5 games (6 were in OU game) and most of those were because of his happy feet scrambling. For comparison, Caleb Williams has been sacked 22 times this year (in 12 games). That’s the exact same average = 1.8 sacks a game. Tell me, who is a better QB, Williams or Sanders?

Yes, I get that play calling is bad, but the OC does not make overthrows on long routes and underthrows behind the receivers on shorter routes.

No hate on Sanders, as an OSU fan, I’m grateful for him and wish him nothing but the best, but it’s probably best for everyone if he moves on.