Here's a Look at Every Oklahoma State NFL Draft Pick Since 1988

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Gundy has had some loaded squads.

RW was better than Gilbert. A lot better. That defense was so close to being really good. Had a great front, and RW in the secondary. Offenses pretty much ran for no gain on first and second and then on third down passed to whatever side RW wasn’t on to get the first down.

Mayes got in trouble for pot right before the draft, and it cost him a lot.

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Chris Carson seemed so blah to me while at OSU but what a diamond in the rough for the NFL!

Mayes also had a shoulder injury and people had questions about Thurman’s knee.

McQuarters was a great athlete. People forget that he also played WR at OSU in addition to playing in the secondary. He also played meaningful minutes on the OSU BB team. Had a long career in the NFL.