'He's the future of this deal': Garrison Getting Better Through Gauntlet of Experienced Bigs

Originally published at: ‘He’s the future of this deal’: Garrison Getting Better Through Gauntlet of Experienced Bigs

‘He gets better because he’s got humility and he works his butt off and he doesn’t complain.’

I want to get excited but Boynton’s history says he’ll just transfer out and we’ll end up with a new set of young talent next year with the growing pains starting over again. Really bugs me that his “recruiting” has kept him here so long when it’s not hard to get a big class when half the team leaves almost every year.

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One wants to convince himself/herself that these guys are just going to take their lumps this year; next year will be better; and, in a couple of years, be a real force to reckon with…

But then one recalls the portal and realizes it’s going to be very difficult to retain talented players when so much will be offered to go elsewhere.

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He’ll more than likely leave next season once Boynton gets fired and other schools realize his value.

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You certainly are a special sort of mental :roll_eyes:

My sentiments exactly. Would love to think differently but can’t do it. Im much less stubborn on the basketball front of coach defending lol

I’m a special sort of realistic.