Holder Commends Players' Courage for Speaking Out, Says 'Adults' Still in Control

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/holder-commends-players-courage-for-speaking-out-says-adults-still-in-control/

Holder says we need more people courageous enough to speak out in society.

This article shows a wise elder and a wise young man.
I knew of Mike Holder when he was a classmate of mine at OSU and it’s inspiring to see what he has learned along the way since then. He embraces progress in so many ways.

Well I dnt think we need snowflakes telling what t-shirts too wear. Adults r not or have been in control during this. Chuba had better have a good yr, nfl coach and owners will be adults and in charge of the draft.

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Thank you Holder for sucking up to both sides!! I hope I see the day again that you don’t have to

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