Holder Says He Confides in Mike Boynton for Different Perspective

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/holder-says-he-confides-in-mike-boynton-for-different-perspective/

“His experience as a person is different than mine. I’m a 71-year-old white man.”

The most important point made by Holder that is relevant is America is the best meritocracy in the whole world. You get rewarded for your ability, your skills, what you bring to the table. That is why so many people of different colours have been successful in the US.

Sounds like they have a good relationship. Boyton is a great person to get insight from. Not important really but isn’t Patrick Ewing a head coach at Georgetown? They are power 5 in basketball right?

P5 kinda falls apart when discussing Basketball as that’s obviously a big job, but they’re in the Big East and play Football at the FCS level.

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Yea you sir are automatically what you call a Proto typical racist in today’s society mr. Holder. I know it sounds unfair but you will admit it or you good sir will burn like the rest. Bend over and take it like all of us white hood wearing pale skin folks.