Holy Smokes, this Brennan Presley Catch is Absolutely Absurd

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OK, this kid might be awesome.

Yep…agree…he will be special…you cannot teach/coach that stuff

With us not using the middle of the field since Holgorsen was heading the offense, I’m not sure how this kid is going to be used. I hope they don’t wait till he’s a jr till he gets significant receptions like what seems to be the new norm but this kid looks like a really really good college receiver and can’t wait to watch him play. Grungy don’t screw this up!!

Don’t know what his 40 is but he seems to have some jets when he wants. I’ve always liked him since I first saw his highlights in HS
We have loads of receivers this year but it’s gonna be hard to keep him off the field this year

Best part of second video is that it appears to have been recorded by someone from the other team :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Watch his younger brother. I went to a few bixby games this last season. Holy smokes!

After watching him help put the dagger in Stillwater’s state title hopes, I am glad he’ll be on the team I cheer for.

Will Sanders be able to spot someone 5’8" down field if there is a defender next to him? Do the rules allow a short receiver to wear a flag on his helmet?

Maybe smoke like what the stunt planes use? lol

Great suggestion! Most likely orange colored smoke to go along with the Kool Aide they serve at the stadium.

I live in owasso and just saw CJ Moore at a QT so he’s still in Oklahoma. Just thought I would throw that out🤷‍♂️

Still wearing his freak show shirt that all the receivers wear so I wonder what the hell is going on with him?

oSu better find ways to use him like the Chiefs do w/ Tyreek!

I wouldn’t hold your breath at least not til he’s a junior. But I mean you are right