Homecoming Game Thread: Cincinnati 🏈

He is in concussion protocol, so who knows if he will play. I don’t have the faith in him though that others do. He looks like he has a big problem hearing footsteps and losing concentration.

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Yeah. I know that bowman “hung him out to dry”, but if they have a high safety you have to expect him to be slanting at the sideline on every deep ball. Similar to the Tay TD to start bedlam. And bowman hit him right in the chest, he just got scared of contact and dropped it. (Rightfully scared, he got hurt.:joy:)

Not good but better than a broken wrist like someone said it looked like. Did we ever hear about Blaine Green?

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Those calls go out the window when Ollie breaks them for 30+ yards. Gundy wants to win by 3 OG says F it and takes it to the house!

RA saying it’s a serious injury, but won’t say what it is. Rivals is saying collarbone.

He said Brooks should be fine.


Thank you for your service kind sir.


Dang, if he’s out for a while (or even the season), that WR room becomes dangerously thin! Bray, Pressley, Owens, and Johnson are all that have played. Do they have any of the young guys that can contribute at all?

Blaine Green


Gundy just said he thinks everyone will be back. Brooks looked the furthest from being back.


As long as he’s back for Bedlam

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Cale Cabbiness, Blaine, Bray, Presley, Owens, Johnson, but if they get injured, then its freshmen.

Alex Hale is 17-21 (81%) on FGs and 21-21 XPs. Maybe not Groza material yet, but can be with an increase in FG %.


peak Gundy at the end of the presser

Emig asks if he has given any thought to what the crowd could be like November 4th

Gundy acts like he doesnt know who we’re playing and f’ing with everyone



He’s 18-21.





I refuse to believe it.


I refuse to believe the Iowa State OT FG was a miss, but here we are…

12 years later.


Cabbiness has been out all year with an injury and I don’t think he will be back this year. Gilkey is not on a redshirt but I don’t think is ready for the field yet. Otherwise its all true freshmen.

is there any long term hope for Gilkey?

seems to fit that same mold as Matt Polk(and Tre Griffiths 2026)

We always take a 6-3+ WR every class that bust

I hope we have a big enough lead that Ollie can do another Barry Sanders impression by sitting out the 4th quarter and get ready for the next game. And I’d like to see Bowman have the same opportunity too.