Homefield Vintage Oklahoma State Apparel Available (Ad)

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Vintage OSU shirts!

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Their stuff looks OK, not great. But I would never considering anything from them because of their prices. Paying $32 for a mere T shirt is the equivalent of paying college coaches millions of dollars per year. I stand against the insanity of the modern world we live in.

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One thing the school gets a %. Not sure how high but yea 32 is high.

$32 for a one or two or even 3 color t shirt is too high. T-shirts become more expensive the more they have to apply different color inks. The ones on this website are weak and their orange looks like it’s not the brightest orange!

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This is a great ad. Their stuff looks great. Wish they made some Nike DriFit (or similar) polos. I’d pay a premium for a nice polo, but I’m past wearing TShirts.

I got an old stadium seat thats got the big o and bucking horse like the one shirt.