Hoops Game Thread: Oklahoma State at TCU

Gimme them predictions :arrow_heading_down:

Turn the ball over 14 times or fewer, win by 10+. Turn it over more than that, gonna need more Cade heroics.

My inner Dennis Quaid from Major League tells me we come out flat after a solid win on Saturday and a tougher than expected TCU team capitalizes on our mistakes to win 72-62.

Let’s get it!

TCU not near as bad as its record and recent five-game losing streak, but also not near as good as OSU made it look the last time they met in December. Should be a close one though (since almost all OSU games are by law)


We right the wrong of blowing the 9 point lead against them at home.

Pokes 84
Frogs 71

Pokes 82-77

Feeling good about Kalib having a revenge game on Samuel.

And if Nembhard is cold tonight we win by 10+.

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Pokes 78-67

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Good guys by a touchdown.

TCU has a pretty bad defense and their last game was an outlier offensively (hopefully) from their previous several games. OSU just needs to limit the mistakes and not fall apart at minute 11 in the second half and we should be fine. OSU by 8 (71-63).

TCU by 1

I’m sure this will be another close one.
OSU: 77 TCU: 72

We are certainly a better team than the first game with TCU. Are they better? I say no.
Pokes 79, Frogs 68.

Pokes by 8. The guys are starting to gel, still sloppy with the ball, but pull away late


TCU by 3.

TCU by 9

Pokes 75-71

It just feels like a game that we should win and need to win… So TCU - 81 OSU - 71

Final 4?!?!

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Pokes by 20!