Hoops Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Arkansas

SEC/Big 12 Challenge on deck.

Cade vs. Moses Moody.


Pokes 83
Blazorbacks 71

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Arky by 5.

Pigs by 3.

Both OSU and Arkansas are teams that want to get out on the fast break after defensive rebounds, so whichever team can execute in the half court the best to eliminate the fast break I think will probably win.

Will be crucial if we can keep Arkansas from scoring within the first 10 sec of the shot clock and not give up open three’s

Arkansas by 12

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Pokes by 36

Flavors is warming up. But as we’ve learned this year, that doesn’t mean he is playing.

We already know this but this is Cade’s trainer

All 11 available guys are warming up, so no big surprises today it doesn’t look like.


Something is covered up under the Eddie Sutton Court logo on the floor. Looks like they are adding something to it.


I haven’t seen Ferron miss in warmups.

Biggest jinx ever.

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It really was. Still looking good, though.

In warmups Bryce Williams just went self-oop between the legs like it was a layup.


Looks like Flavors is going to at least dress.

Great, we get the crappy announcers again

■■■■ that was sexy ball movement

Avery floater makes me happy.

That kid is 7-3.