Hoops Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

  • Normal Grilled
  • Spicy Grilled

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Tech by 3

Tech by 1


Normal has a higher OSU win rate than spicy, but spicy is up to 50% after the Iowa State game.

How does spicy compare home vs away? Can it go into a hostile environment or need home cooking (see what I did there).



Pokes by 5. Free throws seal it at the end.

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My unrealistic hope: We win by 5 and Enoch Boakye commits on the spot.

Realistic: Anxiety attack

It’s gonna come down to how well we can defend their 3 point shooters like T. Shannon.

If we can hold them to under 35% from 3 I like our odds.


The good news is that with Tech we’ve already beaten them so the series is at least split. Big time house money game tonight. Much more riding on the other games to finish out the season.

68% of current voters have the palate of a child.

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As with all things Tech, SHUT DOWN THE OOMPA LOOMPA. And we win.

Its not about what we prefer…its what Marshall should eat so OSU wins


He should eat the spicy one every single time then.

We only have a 50% win rate with that one. Statistically speaking the regular has a better ROI.


High risk, high reward.

One could argue too that the Iowa State game needed no luck from CFA due to how bad Iowa State is at basketball this year.

To me, spicy chicken is still 0-1.


Half of TCU’s conference wins are against us. So this team is not above dropping games to teams it shouldn’t. We’ll take whatever luck we can manufacture and spicy gets to keep partial credit for the W.

Hoping someone does this to McClung tonight. (This was one of the greatest almost dunks I’ve ever seen)


I had a deal in my CFA app for a spicy grilled, but because of you guys, I didn’t take it.

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