Hoops Notebook: Finding the 'Magic Formula,' Boynton Coming Up on 100 Wins, Cisse Update

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/hoops-notebook-finding-the-magic-formula-boynton-coming-up-on-100-wins-cisse-update/

Boynton would be the fifth coach in program history to hit 100 wins.

Boynton has a 0.547 winning percentage overall and he is 13 games under 0.500 in conference play in 6 years. Winning 100 games while averaging only 17 wins per season is not good at all. I would take Travis Ford back considering he took 5 out of 8 teams to the big tournament. Boynton has only made it once in his 5 full years. And, this year isn’t looking good.

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