Hoops Notebook: Miranda's Goofiness, Hicklen's Degrees and Small's Distribution

Originally published at: Hoops Notebook: Miranda’s Goofiness, Hicklen’s Degrees and Small’s Distribution - Pistols Firing

‘Isaiah might be the goofiest kid I’ve ever been around.’

I’m not surprised with stories of players goofing off at practices under Mike Boynton.

Sheesh! The Pokes are loaded. It may take another year for them to develop and gel though. They finally have some size and for once we won’t look like a high school team. The new point guard looks good and if their 3 point shooting is at least average, we will have a very good year. The loss of Avery is not a big deal. He could not shoot or handle the ball. He was a walking foul and would routinely put up bad shots.