Hoops Notebook: Tempo, Energy and Confidence

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Three things from the Cowboys’ midweek availability.

I’d be a lot more confident too if we can snag the next one against ISU. If we could get 70% of what we saw offensively in the second half of bedlam every night this team would be scary.


I want 200% of the second half of Bedlam. This way we can have 100% per half. :joy:


Yea second half offense and 6 turnovers the whole game. I want all of that I can get. Plus the silly quit the silly asx fouls :cowboy_hat_face:

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Kalib Boone has some of the worst body language I’ve seen. All-American pouter. Too bad because he’s got game – you just don’t know if he’ll show up or not.

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