Hoops: OSU vs. Baylor Game Thread

Hello everyone. Morning basketball is weird.

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Kalib and Avery getting the start. Well deserved. I like that Boynton is shuffling things up and getting his most electric lineup on the court to start the game. Let’s see how they start :eyes:


Interesting stuff. Just gotta hope Ice and Avery don’t get tired at the same time. Need at least one on the floor at a time.

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Make. OSU. Hoops. Great. Again.

( please please please just play a tiny bit better.)


Does Baylor get a new green uniform every year?

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Hidde gonna drop 12/10 today or what?

MOSUHGA. I’m here for it.

I just cringed when they showed all the empty seats in the arena


It’d be perfectly reasonable for us to win this game.

I see we’re doing that thing where we think we can shoot 3s, but we can not in fact shoot 3s.


Unfortunately there is no way we win this game living by the three-pointer. Baylor will settle in and we will keep jacking up triples.

Eye ball emoji.

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I’ll take a backdoor lay-up like Baylor is doing every other possession.

I got a meeting with the bobs I gotta go. :v:

It looks scarce in GIA. :grimacing:

Well, about as positive as we could’ve asked for so far. It seems like there’s been definite improvement the last few days (or it could just be a few lucky shots falling)

Make sure you tell them now little you enjoy your jerb, and how little work you actually do (maybe 15 minutes worth per week).

I am very encouraged by this start. Guys aren’t rolling over. Win or not today, I feel like there’s a run coming in this team.

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Yep, regardless of the end result, this seems like a different team so far today.

Wooo! Yor dunk!