Hoops Preview: Cowboys Look to Bounce Back against Big West Virginia Squad

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The Cowboys are called back into action with a Big Monday bout with WVU.

This team feels like Jekyll and Hyde and I’m not thrilled about our chances tonight. Sheesh.

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I bet we get absolutely drilled again. Hope I’m wrong but this team is playing like complete dogcrap!
Likele is not himself yet. That doesn’t help. Hard to imagine how Anei can play so well for a few games and look great and dominant inside presence. Last 5 games his disappeared and sucks. I know some of it is they are bring him out but he just has to stop following some bigs. Make bigs hit two 3s in a row before he goes out there on a big at least. Quit allowing teams to dictate that as much.

We look like a terrible basketball team right now. I don’t think we are but we sure are playing that way lately. Besides maybe Anderson, none of the freshman or doing anything to help either. It’s a crapshow right now.

When is OSU basketball going to be good again? Coming off a 35 point loss!! Currently watching the game and we have 21 points in 24 minutes played. This is pathetic. The offense looks terrible. Probably Gundy’s fault.

Don’t get in a hurry, one conference title in 15 years Is all you can ask for.