Hoops Preview: How Will Oklahoma State Deal with Syracuse's Zone?

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Shooters shoot.

Lindy hasn’t done squat. Wonder what’s up? Ice has been fire.

@therealBP lindy And cam have had very different Roles this year . It’s weird watching them now after seeing what they did last year . I too wonder what has been going on .

We have a full lineup. I honestly think that’s having an effect. More mental than physical.

Totally, it’s definitely going to take them some time to get used to having options . I have been really interested to see what steps Lindy takes this year and to see if anything opens up for him beyond college ball.

Lindy had one nice offensive play in the game but otherwise was almost a spectator. I’ve wondered if they’ve been told to lay low and let the youngsters shoulder the load to prepare them for conference play. But Dziagwa is playing hard so I’m not sure. Harris sure had a nice coming out.