Hoops Preview: TV Info, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and West Virginia

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The Cowboys start a tough road trip Tuesday night.

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I like our chances against WVU… Now the rest of the road trip might be BRUTAL!!


Embarrassing first half. Can’t shoot for shiit.

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Ice >>> Williams #14

after tonight’s game…it will be BRUTAL to watch those games. team has no identity…except they can’t make the 3 on a consistent basis or make free throws.

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don’t have a waters…or a Forte to shoot the 3. need a deadly 3 point shooter to open up the middle.

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Horrendous night of basketball. Texas game was a fluke.

6 minute FG drought at the end of the game. Where were the timeouts? Calling one with 45 seconds left down 10 is useless.

Not good basketball

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Boyton was bad, Anderson was terrible, Cisse looks like this is his first year playing and can only finish lobs, Moncreff has no basketball IQ, Walker and Donovan look lost, idk what happened to Kaleb. I mean this teams falls apart fast, way too often. Pressure on the ball and they fumble around like 3rd graders. Hard to watch

Everybody had pan hands and couldn’t pass. Still have trouble making layups for years it seems like. Man just not seeing any progression in the youngsters.

Only improvement I’ve seen on this team is Cisse’s FT shooting. Hell he’s hitting them at a higher % than Ice. Other than that this team has not improved whatsoever or regressed.

Ice is still the point guard. That’s not a good thing.

This isn’t a perimeter shooting team. If Ice would drive the lane and make free throws it would help. As much as I like the team (season ticket holder) I’m still not convinced that Boyton is the coach we need. He has a lot of talented players but can’t get them to gel like they need to. It’s almost like the players are playing street ball with no direction.