Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats and Projected Lineups for OSU and UCF

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The Cowboys are in the Caribbean.

Stats are close. Seem it will be close

What channel is CBSSN?

And how do i watch it?

Are you sure you want to subject yourself to this?

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Why wouldnt i?

Cbs is on direct tv. Hulu fubo and utube.
Hope the helps. I think its on cbs app too

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Team is hard to watch.

How many games have you watched this year?

One and a half.

I’m watching the game with UCF and why in the world would you travel all the way to the Bahamas, aside from it being a nice place to visit, to play in a HS gym with nobody there?

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It’s channel 158 on Dish

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Channel 315 on spectrum


Good guys up 15 early


Yep they are hitting the shots and got good D going on


I don’t know UCF maybe no good but it seems like this team can PLAY.


Announcer just talked about the runs the sooners were able to make LOL

I could never find the channel. Thanks for the updates.

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Looks like OSU is trying to give the game away. I don’t get it

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OSU has gone cold on the three, actually cold on shooting overall