Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and Baylor

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OSU and Baylor each enter the matchup at 1-3 in Big 12 play.

2 minutes in f%^k

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IDK why I watch this crap

Does our team even practice shooting? 13-0 what a s#$t show

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Someone please explain that there is a master plan here. Otherwise I don’t get paying coaches millions of dollars to coach this team.

This shot selection is complete garbage. Get in the ■■■■ paint.

Ok I don’t know anything about BB but this is shi*t

This team can’t make a basket.

20/31 shots so far are 3 pointers. W.T.F.??? Why the hell are they even trying that crap. They can’t even hit FTs. Get in the goddamn paint.

Another 3 LMAO. Yank their asses if they shoot a 3 at this point.

down 20 what a disaster