Hoops Preview: TV Info, Team Stats, Projected Lineups and Series History for OSU and Texas at the Big 12 Tournament

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Get ready for Round 2 in Kansas City.

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Jesus Christ Cisse just keeps allowing them to get extra possessions on offensive rebounds. How is a guy that big so bad at grabbing the ■■■■ ball?

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I’m so sick of Boone’s BS. Everybody wants to blame our coach but two of our best players aren’t living up to their end of the bargain - Bryce might be the most underwhelming 5 star player I’ve seen in recent memory and Kalib Boone needs to grow the hell up. Guys are missing shots but at least working their ass off, and Boone’s clown ass wants to pout and cry.

Sit his ass the rest of the game.

Offense sucks like always. Can’t hit free throws. No point guard. Hey we got length tho🤦‍♂️. Got two coaches that need to see the door. Boynton just can’t get it done at the level we need to be at. By the way, what roll does Keaton page play on this coaching staff lol? Easy money. This whole group of assistants are worthless obviously. Watching this offense is as tough as watching Gundy’s offense.

Not much between the ears of boon. Not a lot of high IQ guys on any of boytons teams so far.

Does this team just not give enough of a shitt to play another game this season? Reject the NIT bid.

Our guards are worn out by the time we get the ball across the timeline…IF we get the ball across the timeline.

Keaon Williams is another boyton recruit that just isn’t good with the ball and turns it over and can’t shoot. I know he’s a freshman but not impressed with him either. Would it be to much to ask boyton to get acouple of shooting guards in these classes or a point guard? Man hard to watch.

Thompson can’t do anything. Texas is just alot better

Shitt refs, shitt shooting, shitt effort, and shitt coaching. Pathetic. No NIT for these guys make em sit home and reflect on their performance.