Hot Take of the Day: Ban Daylight Savings Time

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Knock on wood if you’re with me.

This is an example of when a bad take is mistaken for a hot take.


These “hot” takes are getting cooler by the day. Daylight savings time and standard time are obsolete concepts with no point anymore. Only a fool believes he can cut 2 inches off the bottom of a blanket, sew it to the top and think he has a longer blanket.

I’m exhausted. Went to bed on time but my body says it’s too early and keeps me up in bed for an hour then I have to get outta bed and to work on time. That’s two hours of sleep lost so far this week, daylight savings time!

I wish they stick to one time or the other. I like standard time better. At this time of the year I prefer the daylight earlier in the morning. But that’s just me.

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You got it backwards. Keep DST year round. It’s nice to have some daylight after work even in the winter. Would much rather have a little daylight in the evening with more moderate temperatures than in the morning during the coldest part of the day. As soon as we hit DST, I was able to do some chores and have time to play catch with my son before it was dark. It would be nice to do that on a mild day in the winter as well.


I’m with spencer.

Standard time is better when you work from daylight till dark.

I thought this is what he meant

Completely agree with this take. I don’t really care which way they go, just get rid of the time change. Here are the outcomes, mapped out: