Hot Take of the Day: Mason Rudolph was Better than Brandon Weeden

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Look at the numbers and get back to me.

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Topics worthy of religous debate dont get much better than this one …I loved them both and will leave it at that :sunglasses:

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I think the stat comparison that solidifies Weeden as the best for me is the 300 +/- less completions but 17 more touchdowns. Also, I feel like our offense with Rudolph ultimately ended with us yelling “Go James go.” But perhaps I’m basing my whole perception of Mason off of him not being able to hit on the short game. Nevertheless, I’m trusting Weeden’s arm with my offense any day of the week.


Thanks for pointing this out, those numbers should have been flipped. It’s fixed now. Rudy had 92 TDs to Weeden’s 75.

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Both were great QBs for OSU no doubt. In the end, it comes down to hardware. Weeden won the Big 12 championship, played in and won a major bowl game, and should’ve played in BCS championship against LSU.

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Well this changes my argument… Haha

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Marshall, If we played OU today, who do you go with? Mason or Brandon?


56 sacks allowed to 22 sacks allowed.

Nice hot take. Love them both, but I think feel like Weeden’s ability to throw and complete passes across the middle of the field make him the better passer. If he has Mason’s offensive lines, he might have been fine because of his ability to throw those short routes better. Defense ratchets up pressure, Weeden throws the hot route and crisis averted. But who knows?

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No BCS game in 2011 if Weeden doesn’t do special things in the second half in College Station. MR was an all timer but never had that moment against a top 10 squad. MR was great against good competition and good/great against great competition. Weeden was salty all the time. Holgy brought in a new offense that was completely new to Weeden so everything he learned in Gundy’s system wasn’t very helpful. MR ran a similar offense in HS and was recruited specifically by MY for his system.

Weeden 23-3 as a starter (.885). Doesn’t include 2009 CU comeback win he didn’t start.

Rudolph went 32-8 (.8)

13 game season x .885 = 11.5 wins
13 game season x .8 = 10.4 wins

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Yeah because Brandon is like 40 and hasn’t played a full game in years…


Like choosing between my kids (I assume as my first is due next month): I hate doing it but I have an opinion.

It’s Weeden for me. He played under control, his hands were way more reliable and less fumble prone, he made the easy stuff look effortless. I also, looks both ways, think Mason got bailed out way more by his receivers. That sounds absurd since Weeden played with the best WR ever, but I think it’s still true.

I really think Weeden could have done more with the 2017 offense than Mason did.


MJ/Kobe argument.

Weeden won bigger games.

I wouldn’t even put Rudolph in the top two OSU quarterbacks. In fact I’d even consider taking Corndog above him. Numbers wise Rudy may be at the tip top, but all of that was due to what he had around him and the fact that he started one more season then Weeden.

You lost me at putting Rudolph and Cornelius in the same conversation. There is no comparison and a reason why one could soon be an nfl starter and the other had a decent game in the XFL.

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I’m not sure if you watched the final stretch of Rudy’s career at OSU or not, but it was ugly. He played awful against average teams and he choked in big games. And sadly that bad ending translated into his abysmal pro career so far. On the other hand Corndog played on a team that had a lot less talent then any of Rudy’s teams yet the numbers he put up were still some of the best among quarterbacks in the nation that year. Not to mention he added a small dual threat ability and wasn’t afraid to put his body on the line.

Whew , this is difficult. Loved both of them, Weeden had a knack of hitting a receiver when he needed to in big games. Rudy had James, Ateman, Johnson… three really good receivers
Both were gamers to me. Weeds had a better defense, if we have that defense in 17 I think we win against the goons… I’m going to refer to them as 1A and 1B

Good video here. OSU O vs TA&M D only.

I do not miss those matte grey unis

I DO miss having TA&M in conference


Weeden did throw for over 6,000 yds in the league. It looked like Mason was going to get his shot and someone named Devlin Hodges benched him. Intangibles are hard to measure. There is that hard to measure leadership question that everyone would have an opinion. I’d take Brandon. I don’t know about Devlin’s leadership.