Hot Take of the Day: Monopoly Stinks

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Come at me.

This take, it’s garbage. [And the editor that let it come out is garbage.]

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Can accurate takes be hot? Monopoly sucked when I needed things to fill 6 hours.

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I got no strong love for a 6 hour board game, but this quote: “I was playing Monopoly Junior with my kids this weekend, and I started thinking about its superiority to the American institution of Monopoly.”


Only thing worse than Monopoly is Monopoly Jr.! Only thing worse than M-Jr. is Candyland. I’d rather play the timed version of real Monopoly than the Jr. version any time. Heck I’d play a full game of normal Monopoly rather than the Jr.

Also, how terrible is typing Monopoly several times. Pretty sure I lost track of how many o’s I’d typed each and every time. Where was I again?

The Piccininni of board games in terms of typing it.

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Fully on board with this take.

Has anyone…ever…finished a complete game?

NO. Because the game is super neat for 10 minutes cuz of a thimble! Neat! A race car!

Then you realize the game you are playing. And you stop playing it.


3. No drama:
Umm, once you start winning against someone who hates to lose, there’s plenty of drama.


Catan is essentially a far superior resource accumulation game in this regard. Don’t @ me lol


I’m so glad someone already brought up Settlers of Catan! Catan is such a great game. It’s (relatively) fast, takes about 45 minutes a game, requires a lot of strategy with a little bit of luck, and often you don’t know who will win untill the last turn of the game. Plus, no two games are exactly alike because you can randomize the board.

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To add to my comment, the Catan expansions are great too. They’re supposed to be different boards to play separate games on, but if you mix the base game with the Seafarers version you essentially get a board game version of a game of Civ.

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This was one of the games that got banned from our house when I was a kid because it always started a fight between me and my brother (others on the list were stratego and risk). Overall I would agree it stinks but it can be fun if you are any good at negotiating and manipulating people (yes I know I am evil…). I forgot that fun part of it until I played with my sons (both teenagers, not little kids) this last winter break. They totally did not catch onto the strategy of getting the whole row of lowest level properties. Heck I gave up much better properties to get the whole row, but once I did they realized they were hitting my properties (which quickly got hotels on them) almost every time around. They learned a few lessons in negotiating that night.

Yall clearly dont know how to play monopoly if it takes you six hours.

Trade with others to build monopolies, buy houses/hotels. It doesnt take that long. 1-2 hrs. 2 hrs is a long game.

Now Risk, that can potentially take a long time.

I only played Monopoly once in my life, and the one time it happened, we ended up not finishing and people I was playing with lost interest. I feel like that says more about the game and not those who were involved. Ain’t nobody got time to punt one-fourth of their day playing a board game!

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What is a fun game is Ticket to Ride. There’s at least one version for kids and several versions for adults.

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New versions of Monopoly have Credit Cards instead of Funny Money… it’s an interesting twist, makes the game faster, but it’s still not that great.

I agree on the original monopoly, BUT I urge everyone to try Empire Monopoly. Me and some buds bought it on accident and it’s by far the favorite game for all of us and our friends.

Quick Breakdown:

  • The games can be over in as little as 15 minutes
  • you get these “M cards” that you can use to royally screw over each other (very entertaining/heated arguments have come from this)
  • you can easily play with 2 people, but can have up to 4

I’d recommend giving it a try, especially if you hate how long/boring the original monopoly is!

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We’ve played Ticket to Ride almost every night for the last month. THAT is a good board game. Monopoly is not.


I’m excited for our HTOTDs. Might not even cover OSU any more. Just hot takes all over the place.

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Garbage take. Pure trash.

Yes, plenty of us have finished monopoly. Like every game, there is definitely some luck, but there is absolutely strategy and a right way to play to improve your odds.

We play a lot of monopoly online, which makes it go faster.

The game teaches negotiation skills, a little bit of valuation, and and understanding of odds.

A+ game. F take.

I’m going home to play monopoly.

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