How do you split reps between QBs?

So Gundy was asked Tuesday and didn’t say much. If you were Gleeson’s boss for a day, how do you split reps between the QBs? I personally feel like the non-con games are so weak there’s no concern for hot hand. I say different QB each series through at least the first 2 games.

What say you? Split quarters? Split games?

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I’d plan on alternating every 2 drives but if someone is on a roll, ride them a quarter or even a half. See if they are ready to take the team on their shoulders.

Good question, glad I don’t get paid to answer that one.

I would set up some metrics, or goals, that they need to attain.

For instance, must have three passing touchdowns by halftime (or something like that). And must have so many passing yards, or rushing yards, or completions, etc. etc.

Then, pick who goes first and see how far they can get. If they meet all of the goals, leave them in.

I like it, but it leaves you with the possibility of only playing 1 guy. Say Brown wins the coin flip, starts at Ore St and meets the goals. Then you get Sanders against McNeese St. He meets the goals. Now what? You’re two games in, comparing them is apples and oranges, and we still don’t know jack.

I think both need to play in each game. In fact I would want to see both play in the first half before things get out of hand and some of the 2s are coming in to get reps.

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Isn’t that the goal, though? And if one guy runs with it and builds momentum, you stick with him. Remember Jim Leyland, when talking about Justin Verlander, saying you need to go with your thoroughbred or something like that?

By switching qbs, no matter the format, are you sacrificing consistency/timing at other positions? I say play Sanders and get him the reps. Play him every snap and every down. This guy is the future of the team. We already know Brown has the experience and the maturity. He makes a great back up.