How Much Money Would you Have if You Bet $100 on Every OSU Game in the 2010s?

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You would have many, many dollars.

I’m not expert but I think you must have gotten your math wrong on this Kyle. Winning $2300 if nothing. If you bet $100 on each game for a decade. That is 1300 a year for 10 years or $13,000. pittly return when we are the more favorable team to bet on. Maybe you meant 23,000 in winnings for $100 bet on each game. again that’s 1300 a year you bet on OSU. IT would be a better return than t hat.

I did the math based on this article.

Also 6 overs, 3 unders, and 1 push on regular season win totals, according to SportsOddsHistory. Over the decade, we had 86 regular season wins, against an expectation of 80.5.