How Much Optimism Should Spencer Sanders’ 2020 Finish Provide in 2021?

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How Sanders stacks up after the elusive 15 games.

Not sure how optimistic you can be with a guy that hands the other team 7 points once a game and constantly gets hurt. I hope he does better but I won’t hold my breath.


I think some of his worst games were also the worst with offensive line woes so I have optimism that with offensive line continuity, he has more success than we give him credit for.


As long as the TD:Int ratio continues to improve I’ll ride the Sanders train. I enjoy watching a Illingworth pocket passer type of QB style over the dual threat style. Just a personal preference I can’t really explain. I do love the excitement of seeing Sanders break one on the ground (dude is a stud athlete), but I miss the efficiency of the Weeden led turbo paced 6-10 yard completion every time you blink offense. I kNoW ThaT MoNken AnD WeeDEn ArenT SUitIng Up in 2021. But I’ve never seen a dual threat QB led offense really hum like that one did.

Not saying that Illingworth should start or will develop into that, but it’s what I dream of at night.

Edit: @JonHodge beat me to it, but I meant to add, the assumption of an improved line gives me MUCH greater expectations of Sanders.

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Agreed. I also would like to see less designed quarterback runs, and more of him using his legs to keep plays alive or to keep the defense honest against the zone.

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His inability to throw an accurate deep pass handicaps our offense. When you are no threat to throw it deep, teams can load the box to stop the run.

He took no more sacks then either corndog or Rudolph. He has a long way to go.
It’s not just turnovers with Sanders. 18 19 games or less he has about the same yardage passing as corndog in 13 games. And 6 less rushing td. I got to stop. There r just alot of stuff.
Shane has what we need. Next yrs line should be fine for him.

He has a deep ball though. When he had time, he put it where it needed to be (example, 3 dimes to stoner against Baylor, about 50 dimes to Wallace throughout the year). He had some bad throws deep but has shown that he can put it where it needs to be a bunch too. Poor schemes and having 3 seconds to throw the ball make go routes a lot tougher to execute.

Lines are massive for a QB’s success, especially considering that our coach will make the QB throw a go route with zero other options 4-5 times a game. A solid pass protection goes miles in determining a QB’s success. I like Sanders just due to his ABILITY to run, but I hope he never does it.:joy: I know that doesn’t make any sense when worded that way, but Sanders has the lucky advantage of having all defenses worry about his legs, when in reality he couldn’t make a blind man miss in the open field. He seems super slow when he tries to shake defenders on designed runs, and only has success running when he has a lot of room and can run full speed in one direction. I like using him because of the “threat” but hope they don’t use it much if that makes sense.

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Well you heard it from the best coach in osu history say it takes 15 games to figure it out and sanders has played 20 so looks like you get what you get with him the last 5 games so no optimism here.

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Have to disagree

With me or our bestess coach in osu?

Osu grad.
15 20 games not changing Sanders nor will an all pro line.
It’s weird shane a slow freshman knew how to get rid of the ball with out give it to the other team.

According to Sports reference, Sanders had a 39% completion percentage on passes of 40+ yards, putting him at 9th nationally. To be fair, he had the best contested catching WR in America most of the time, but still not a bad stat.

Shane threw 14 straight incompletions in bedlam. Missed 19 of his last 21 passes he threw this year.

He did have a horrific bedlam game.

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So that 39 % was Sanders or Wallace they call them 50-50 balls so 20%.
Or look at this way the 60% missed were not caught for a good reason. He missed them by yrds.

But I think the way gundy plays offense Shane is the guy who should be out there.

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#1 was 52%. It’s not a piece of cake throwing go routes.

Maybe. I’m not disagreeing but if Gundy wants to run the ball 500 times a game, maybe not.