How OSU Hoops Can Slingshot Into the NCAA Tournament

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The magic number in KC might be three.

1-3 Wins = NIT… just could help the seeding.
4 Wins = 12 seed in the Big Dance.

The only way OSU gets in is to win the tournament. I think they’ll end up in the NIT.

I. I believe. I believe we. I believe we can. I believe we can win!

-USMNT chant


2 wins puts them right on the bubble. I think people underestimate what a win over the number 1 overall seed does. My orange glasses view is that 2 wins put OSU in Dayton.

Well take off the glasses then because believing that 2 Big 12 tourney wins gets us legitimate consideration is silly. Setting yourself up to be mad at something (in this case the committee) because your expectations are, by your own admission, biased is just a dumb way to go through life.

The committee has shown for years that they do not value conference tournament games the same as the regular season, and honestly justifiably so. The dynamics of a conference tournament are way different with the neutral site, extremely limited rest and game preparation compared to the regular season and thus makes an apples-to-apples resume comparison flawed.

For example: that Kansas team has absolutely nothing to play for and the committee has all but said that they are the no.1 overall seed regardless of what happens. Self will probably sit Azubuike for most of, if not all of the game and give De Sousa plenty of run to try to get him back to game shape in case they need him in their tournament run.

On the one hand that is great for us because it gives us a much higher probability of winning that game and launching a legitimate AQ run, but it does devalue that win in terms of building an at-large resume. Unless Texas loses to Tech first round and then we beat Tech and the committee is willing to do a straight-swap of Big 12 teams in (us instead of Texas) we really don’t have a shot at an at-large.

As the great Jake Taylor said: “I guess there’s just one thing left to do, win the whole, f*****g thing.”

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If my rec basketball team can make it to the semifinals like we did this past Sunday this Oklahoma State squad can make it to the Big XII Tournament Championship. I believe!

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I know this sounds crazy… but I’d almost prefer the Pokes to make it to the NIT if it meant this young core getting to play more games than they would if they made the NCAA Tourney. Not to mention extra practices and more game experience.