How Star Recruit JT Thor Would Fit on OSU's 2020-21 Basketball Team

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Thor could slot in nicely with the Cowboys on both ends.

I wonder how a head coach thinks about recruiting at this point, with one slot left to fill and still many options, and with a fabulous stable of horses already coming in. Does he start pulling back offers on players he no longer needs? Does he still take a talented four star even if the position seems full? It would be interesting to know how the chess pieces are managed in the final stages of recruiting.

Is Thor the only true 4 we are currently recruiting? Haven’t seen one in the grad transfer world that we have been involved with. Another Laurant truly wouldn’t be that bad again to fill a void.

I believe that Pena is a true 4 but he is already committed. The Tulsa transfer is probably slotted as a 4 from what I see. I think we want JT Thor or we want a grad transfer to have the scholarship for next year also.

I like the Tulsa kid’s fit from the offensive end. Could make the open 3. Don’t know about his athleticism though. Saw him live in Manhattan vs K-State.