How To Argue Dishonestly To Support Your Preconceived Notions

Here we go. Never let reality get in your way again.

Scenario 1: A Player’s Struggles Are Hurting The Team

You Hate Coach: Coach should coach player up, replace player, should’ve recruited better!
You Like Coach and/or Hate Player: Player needs to take charge of his own development, practice and train better, player is lazy and unmotivated!
You Like Player: Other players/coaching are letting player down!

Scenario 2: Team Wins/Has Successful Season

You Hate Coach: We won despite coach, should have been even more successful, one area of the team wasn’t good enough!
You Like Coach: Coach is amazing, could not win without him, gets guys ready to play!

Scenario 3: Team Loses/Has Unsuccessful Season

You Hate Coach: Coach should be fired. Why do we continue to accept mediocrity? We should be better team 100% of the time.
You Like Coach: A player/coordinator/assistant is to blame. It could be so much worse.

Just link to this thread next time you want to say any of these things to save time.