How Will OSU Use Talyn Shettron in 2022? Look at James Washington and Tylan Wallace

Lol you do know your guys saying they didnt play him plus players dnt like gundy really falls apart on presley.
1st on gundy being hated. Why did he let his brother come to osu.
2nd on media day why did he tell the media that he told his brother to know the play book.

Knock it off. You can say anthing that makes sense. These 2 things tells you that presley himself doesnt agree with what you try to push.

I know you will come back with some weird rant. You have no common sense so you cant see these things.

Side bar. I post you about baylor being without brewer and ou missing the playoffs with out the drug squad. So you have admitted other teams have things go wrong out of their control.

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So now you think the Presley’s are so stupid that it takes over 6 months to learn the playbook?

Yet they have won the conference numerous times in the last 10 years. How many times has Gundy won in the last 10 years? Zero, noda, zippo not one.

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Not everybody says it. Only you two do so. I keep telling you to not make assumptions. Don’t you ever learn?

My sis and dad are not the ones that think Gundy is going to win another conference title or get OSU anywhere to blue blood status by the times he’s gone. Only you and your fake account believe that.

I will say this you guys deflect at a high level.

Look im for playing whom every is ready. Why do you see coaches and analysts talk about the bad things of play freshman. BECAUSE ITS REAL. Moron.

Yes they missed out on another. I just went back to the two. There would be more almost ever year like i said in the bi 12 you need luck if your not ou to win the title.

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Im sure your only use to saying like " your a sob". So i can understand you not here this one.

I must have a chit load of fake accounts. There are more post for a title then you 3.

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It doesn’t really matter. You’re attempting to put a square peg in a round hole and it’s not working for you. He’s still listed as a freshman in 2020. You’re contemplating stupidity in order to double down and it still doesn’t make any sense. So what’s next? Are you going to tell me Andre Ware wasn’t drafted again?

And yet you told me last season you think Gundy is going to win another conference title. I’m still waiting btw. So luck and not coaching or talent? Got it!!

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What are you wait for? You picked us for 4th we won the league.

Again you make up stuff. Should i say a “lil” luck. If you go read all the post even you can see what im talking about. Most adults can understand this.

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It’s not good luck or bad luck when you go 1/16.
It’s lack of ability.

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Well there is nothing you can do about it either way why are your crying.

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I consider myself a modern day Thomas Paine.
Mainly politics but sports is just gravy.

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So your saying paine was an idiot

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Not crying. Just lmao.

Baylor won the league. The trophy sits in Waco.

Saying we won the league IS making stuff up.

Most “adults” are realistic, and don’t have to go the extra mile to make things look better than they really are.

Joy when you act like adult. People would listen.

I dnt care what sport were talking, win the league is real.

Ku has won so many tourny title but they had a bunch of league in a row. We won the league. Grow up. I dnt say for your benefit but for others reading along. I know you know the difference just doesnt fit your narrative.

Get tired of your narrative move on where on a new season. Go be a good cowboy until we lose that first game itll be a while.

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Having the conference trophy sitting in your trophy case is real too.

You know the difference it just doesn’t fit your narrative.

Hopefully Central Michigan doesn’t make one of the greatest plays in college football history against us again :man_shrugging:.

Its funny you never correct when they talk about boynton’s regular season title oh yea sorry about that i meant josh’s

You mean whenthe officials made their biggest blunder in history. You cant even be honest about that.

Lots of teams have had troubles i know the Michigan app state game is the biggest

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Or you mean how we probably should’ve blown out a 6-7 G5 team that lost 55-10 to Tulsa in their bowl game?

It’s actually very rare to see top 25 P5 teams losing to G5 teams that have to give everything they have to get to .500 at the end of the regular season.

App state was a fcs dude. Get it rite. If you going in solely on narrative then you need to be rite.

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Are you really that slow joy, the year was over after the CC game you moron. Bowl game is just a reward….so you didn’t tell me is he sits out the spring semester he would still be a freshman come the next fall !! Lolol
You will bring any kind of idiotic statement up to try to make your lie a truth. Keep looking dumb joy everyone expects it anyway

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