Hubbard and Hutton could be sent home?

US ICE came out and said foreign students have to return home if their universities are online only. OSU is currently slated to be online only a following Thanksgiving break, which will effect the Texas game… Thoughts?

Edit: Possibly Amen, too? He’s listed as being from Alberta.

Burns has committed to in person class instruction, we should be in the clear since this pertains to online classrooms


This is pretty dumb. Imagine signing a lease and they make you leave the country.

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For regular students, I could see this being an issue, but for athletes, I would assume OSU will get creative if they need to, because there’s no way they’ll let Chuba, Amen, MAM and Bernard Kouma for basketball, etc. get sent home without a fight, which I would assume will be the same for every other school as well.

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Partly true. OSU will do online classes after thanksgiving break.

The ICE directive was rescinded. Nobody’s going home.