Hump Day Happenings: On Tyreek Smith and NFL-Bound Pokes

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Let’s talk some shooty hoops and football.

I definitely would pick Stoner over Bundage to make a roster. How many times can the latter jump offsides in a scrimmage before he’s cut?

When I saw Donovan Williams play before he was injured he did not impress. Being injured for most of the season really has set back his progress so I don’t expect much contribution from him this coming season.
I think the reputation of the Big 12 not playing good defense will effect how the NFL regards our 3 defenders mentioned in this article. Our guys probably will not be regarded as highly as OSU fans regard them. But what matters most is that they get drafted and then they can showcase their skills on Sundays. I think there is too much emphasis on what round guys get drafted. Obviously, the players and agents think differently about this due to the difference in money being offered. Speaking of the draft, I live in Baltimore where Mel Kiper, jr also resides and I would like to find his address so I can see his 6,500 square foot house. I have yet to bump into him at Walmart.