I’m a huge fan of these. Lay em on me, sports or not. (non sports usually are the best hypotheticals).

@leecothran brought this up in another thread and I’m fascinated to hear your take on this one. Because I think mine is in the minority.

Would you trade all OSU’s 52 National Titles for a Football Natty in 2020?

  • Yup
  • Nope

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Here was my response :

"I would trade them all for 1 in football in 2020. I’m 39 years old, and I don’t really care about wrestling. I play/enjoy golf, but it’s not like I can watch all our Golf events. None of the sports I care about BBall, FBall have won titles in my lifetime, so I didn’t get to enjoy them.

Us having 52 titles in other sports doesn’t bring me any day to day enjoyment. I didn’t get to watch them, participate, be a part in them. For me, the thrill of a modern day, football NC in 2020 would bring me so much joy and happiness.

So while maybe unpopular, absolutely I’d trade them all. Every single one."


But then what would we have to hold over every random OU fan’s head?


I got to go to the game in 2001 at the Orange Bowl when Oklahoma beat Florida State for the national championship. The reason I went on that trip, is that all my friends were sooner fans and I thought to myself, gee I may never get another chance to go to a national championship game so I want to see what that’s like.

It was amazing.

Then, a couple years ago when we were winning the National Championship in golf, and I happen to be an avid golfer, I thought to myself wow, this is what winning a national championship feels like.

It was amazing!

I’ve had season tickets for 22 years with my best friend since college, and the only championship we’ve ever won in 2011, I had to miss because of a death in my wife’s family. I have only seen us beat Oklahoma in person twice, and one of those was in Norman in 2001. The second was in 2002.

In 22 years.

Those three sporting event instances you could point out as a highlight, along with the Fiesta Bowl in 2012.

We all spend our time and money on things we care the most about. My time and money goes to football. And golf.

I also enjoy a tremendous amount of satisfaction watching Oklahoma State Alumni playing on the PGA tour. This year will be especially fun with Ricky, Wolff, and H all competing on leaderboards every week. Also makes for a much easier offseason when football’s not in play!

So to answer the question… I would trade oh, what is it, 45 of those national championships but keep the seven golf championships in exchange for a national championship in football in 2020.

That would be amazing.


A degree? (had to)





This! I have to use the 52 natty’s to hold over my co-workers heads: I live in KC, so as soon as the land thieves make the Big 12 look bad in the playoffs I have to immediately deal with Jayhawks squawking about March Madness…in January

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That’s so funny. Was at Six Flags on Texas Bowl night and ran into an Arlington police officer my wife was talking to. He said he graduated from Oklahoma and I told him he must be a unicorn! We had a good laugh together about that but he said I was one of those guys.

Did tell him to go beat the crap out of LSU tomorrow, but we know that didn’t happen.

So far my main takeaway is more people need to go to the single best college sporting event there is, wrestling nationals.


Yea but seriously, how well does our Natty argument REALLY work for us? When a sooner fan is ‘little brothering’ you ad nauseum, and bringing up the flat out ridiculous historical record in football, and is asking how our camping world bowls are going while they are taking trips to CFP semis… And we come back with “Well how many Wrestling titles do YOU guys have! That’s what I thought!”

  1. How good do you really feel afterwards? Does it make it all better?
  2. Do you really think they go “…yea…good point…” :slight_smile:

I try to rely on the fact that the multiple natty’s allude to a better structured athletic department, as a whole;

It’s tough getting that through their “double wide” mind set, most times :grin:

My thing is they discount every other sport UNTIL they win something then it’s the biggest deal. Like golf. OU fans didn’t give a rats you know what about golf until they won, then they brag about it and we get to say well we’ve got a golf powerhouse.

I love being able to say we have titles in a bunch of different categories. It’s different for those who don’t care about the other sports, but I follow just about every other sport we have and watch the golf matches and the soccer and the wrestling. I wouldn’t trade our 52 for 1 football any day.


I can honestly care less how they feel. I’ve attended Wrestling Nationals twice and we won both. I wouldn’t take either one back for any other football championship. Until someone goes to Wrestling Nationals, it’s hard to even have an argument. OU can try and little brother, but until you are an actual true fan of multiple sports, I could care less what they have to say.


I was also in school from 2003-2007 which were some prime wrestling years!!!


BTW, I updated the first hypothetical post with a poll. Because…learning how to internet is fun!

Nicely said @Jaredn11 …Nothing makes me prouder to be a OSU grad than the committment the University and Holder has to all sports. Objectively I understand the value of one football championship in the modern era vs 52 golf/wrestling/xc titles, but I would much rather have the legacy of a well rounded athletic department and a fanbase that supports all our programs.

Plus I’m extremely biased towards wrestling and golf, the latter of which has generated a massively underrated amount of attention for our school through the guys we have on tour and the Swinging Pete brand.


They start late in KC! Starts around October in Wichita and Salina.

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I realize this is maybe looking at this too seriously and not having fun with the idea, but to me trading 1 national championship that you care about for 52 that others poured their heart & soul into in order to achieve the ultimate goal is just wrong. Let football earn it just like everyone else did.


THIS. Just because you don’t like “rasslin” does not make it any less important to the guys who busted their balls to win those titles. Same for golf, and track, and baseball, and so on. It matters to the people who put in the work and won them, and it matters to people who love OSU through and through.


Yup. It is. :slight_smile: